2020/07 July ORCHIDS Magazine

The July 2020 issue contains articles from “Orchids of Bhutan” to “ Cuban treasures” and more.
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Our July issue includes another installment of Stig Dalström's continuing series on the orchids of Bhutan - the Genus Spathoglottis as well as an article on the orchids of Guanahacabibes National Park in Cuba.  Rounding out our features for the month of July is an article on the search for Scuticaria steelei in the northwest Amazon.  This rare, spectacular species inhabits seasonally flooded forest where rivers rise by as much as 46 feet (yes feet) during the wet season.  At the peak of the wet season, plants that are normally nearly 50 feet above the ground are found with their pendent narrow leaves dangling just above the water line.

Also in this issue

  • Collector's Item - Bulbophyllum Section Lepidorhiza
  • Conservation Committee - New Conservation Grants
  • Cuban Treasures - The Ghostly Caribbean Treasures of Guanahacabibes National Park, Cuba
  • For the Novice - Soluble Salts
  • New Rufugium Botanicum - Encyclia alata
  • Orchid Cabinet
  • Orchids Illustrated - Bulbophyllums of du Petit Thours
  • Orchids of Bhutan - The Genus Spathoglottis
  • Orchid Treasures of the Northwest Amazon - The Search of Scuticaria steelei
  • Nomenclature Notes - Paphiopedilum villosum var. laichaunum
  • Species Identification Task Force - Paphiopedilum primulinum var. primulinum
  • Tom's Monthly Checklist - July: The Month of the Zoom

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