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2015/11 A Handy Guide to Things You May or May Not Have Known About Growing Orchids Supplement

Featuring practical information that orchid growers can apply to their collections, be they large or small, and whether you are a 40-year veteran or newbie. All will value having this information in one handy publication.
$24.99 excl tax

2016/10 Cattleyas Supplement

The supplement contains articles from "Giants of The Cattleya World: The Labiate Cattleyas" to "Cattleya Forms and Varieties" and more. Currently On Sale!
$24.99 excl tax

2019/10 Oncidium Alliance Supplement

Our Oncidium Alliance supplement, in complement with the October issue of Orchids magazine, brings together at your fingertips and incredible wealth of information (and photographs) on these plants.
$24.99 excl tax

2020/10 Spots and Stripes Supplement

The October supplement 2020 issue contains articles from “Spots — an introduction” to “Pronunciation guide” and more.
$24.99 excl tax

2011/08 Sarcochilus Species and Hybrids

"Sarcochilus Species and Hybrids" by Jean Allen-Ikeson provides a detailed look at the major and minor species and their use in hybridization, current hybridizing trends and intergeneric hybrids. Also includes "How to Grow Sarcochilus."
$14.99 excl tax

2012/10 Cycnoches Species and Hybrids

"The Genus Cycnoches: Species and Hybrids" by George F. Carr Jr. is a manuscript from his research paper Cycnoches - One Hundred Sixty-Five Years of Confusion which was awarded the first AOS Education Certificate of Appreciation. Suggestions by Fred Clarke on growing the plants are also included.
$14.99 excl tax