2020/10 Spots and Stripes Supplement

The October supplement 2020 issue contains articles from “Spots — an introduction” to “Pronunciation guide” and more.
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Spots have always inspired mankind, taunting with the secrets of the universe. In nature, spots are never wasted.Flowers of hundreds of orchid species are distinctive by virtue of the colors and patterns of their spotting. In this year's supplement to Orchids magazine Laura Newton explores the world of spotted cattleyas; Marguerite Webb and Cordelia Head survey striped and spotted Masdevallias; Robert Fuchs takes us through the development of spotted vandas; Fred Clarke the utterly stunning world of spots and stripes in the Catasetinae; Pam Porteous helps us understand the development of stripes in dendrobiums and Esteban (Steve) Gonzalez rounds out or striking walk on the spotted side with the development and refinement of harlequin phalaenopsis.

Articles in this issue include:

  • Spots--an Introduction by Alec Pridgeon, PhD
  • Spotted Catasetinae by Fred Clarke
  • Spotted Cattleyas by Laura Newton
  • Spots and Stripes by Marguerite Webb and Cordelia Head
  • Dendrobium Bifalce by Pam Porteous
  • Spotted Vandas by Robert Fuchs
  • Harlequin Phalaenopsis by Esteban (Steve) Gonzalez-Costa
  • Pronunciation Guide by Ron McHatton and John Ingram
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