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2005/01 January ORCHIDS Magazine

The January 2005 issue contains articles from "Miltoniopsis Vexillaria: Distribution and Variation" to "Growing Together: Benefits for Affiliated Societies and Organizations" and more.
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2006/02 February ORCHIDS Magazine

The February 2006 issue contains articles from "One Man's Vision" to "Orchid Portrait" and more.
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2006/03 March ORCHIDS Magazine

The March 2006 issue contains articles from "Slipper-Orchid Culture: Growing award-winning flowers in Central Florida" to "The Carmine Trichopilias of Central America: Few But Badly Confused" and more.
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2006/04 April ORCHIDS Magazine

The April 2006 issue contains articles from "Masdevallia Coccinea" to "Hobby Greenhouses" and more.
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2006/05 May ORCHIDS Magazine

The May 2006 issue contains articles from "Saving Orchids and Birds" to "Holcoglossum Flavescens" and more.
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2006/06 June ORCHIDS Magazine

1. FCCs of 2005 2. Orchids in Art: Aerangis punctata Stewart 3. Cattleya hardyana 4. Research Grants & Fellowships 5. Isolation of 43 Microsatellite Loci From Paphiopedilum rothschildianum: An Endangered Species of Slipper Orchid 6. Recircumscription of Pityphyllum (Orchidaceae: Maxillariinae) 7. Paphiopedilum x Cribbii (Orchidaceae: Cypriopdioideae) A New Natural Hybrid from Southern Vietnam 8. The Orchids of Summer 9. Western Australian Orchids in the Field 10. Bulbophyllum 11. Royal Thai Orchid Project
$9.99 excl tax

2006/08 August ORCHIDS Magazine

1. The Orchids of Cuba 2. Encyclia Enthusiasts 3. Orchids in Art: Pleurothallis gargantuan Luer 4. A Rare Form of Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi 5. Sophronitis sincorana: What Happened to the Brazilian Laelias? 6. Pescatoria cerina 7. Doi Tung Project in Thailand 8. In Memoriam: Mary Noble McQuerry 9. Better Photographs Earn Top Rewards 10. Sobralia
$9.99 excl tax

2006/11 November ORCHIDS Magazine

1. Orchids of Isla del Coco: Five Species Native to an Island in Costa Rica 2. Tracing the History of the Art & Science of Orchids 3. Confessions of a Bad Grower Who Found Salvation in Hydroponics 4. James E. Rumrill: A Hybridizer of Nearly 70 New Orchid Genera Shares Advice 5. Dendrobium Favorites 6. Pleurothallis 7. Exploring the Huntington
$9.99 excl tax

2007/03 March ORCHIDS Magazine

1. Orchids in Art: Dendrophylax lindenii (Lindl.) Benth. ex Rolfe 2. American Legends: Lager & Hurrell 3. Introduction on Recent Name Changes 4. Prosthechea ionophlebia & P. Chacaoensis: Which is Which? 5. Natural Intraspecific Hybridization in the Genus Paphiopedilum (Orchidaceae: Cypripedioideae) in Vietnam 6. Two Additional Taxa in the Genus Tuberolabium 7. Dinema and Its Anagram Nidema 8. Growing the Best Phalaenopsis 9. Cohniella
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2007/05 May ORCHIDS Magazine

1. FCCs of 2006 2. Orchids in Art: Rhynchostele maculate (Lex.) Soto Arenas & Salazar 3. Angraecum longicalcar 4. 2006 Dillon/Peterson Essay Contest Winner: Moving an Orchid Collection - Taking Your Orchids for a Ride and Surviving 5. Carriella 6. Catasetinae Plant Culture 7. How to Build Your Own Greenhouse 8. My Battle with Slug Thugs 9. 2nd Scientific Conference on Andean Orchids 10. Trichopilias 11. A Gallery of Catasetinae Grown by Fred Clarke 12. Threatened Plants of Madagascar 13. Orchids of Madagascar
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