2021/05 May ORCHIDS Magazine

The May 2021 issue contains articles from “first ladies and their cattleyas” to “orchid exploration" and more.
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The May isssue features the completion (for now) of the series by Arthur E. and A.A. Chadwick First Ladies and Their Cattleyas with the story of Rhyncholaeliocattleya Jill Biden and Stig Dalström continues his series on the Orchids of Bhutan with a discussion of the Phalaenopsis found there. Ever wonder how old this plant family we are so enamored with is? You won't want to miss the article by Jen Schmidt on the origins and diversification of these fascinating plants. Rounding out our May issue, Landy Rita Rajaovelona, Larry Sexton and Franck Rakatonasolo report on eight threatened orchids of the Itremo Massif Protected Area of the Central Highland Plateau of Madagascar and their conservation status.

Also in this issue

  • Collectors' Item - Cattleya elongata
  • First Ladies and their Cattleyas - Rlc. Jill Biden: Hybrid Takes a Ride on Air Force Two
  • Genus of the Month - Disa: Wisdom, Pride and Legend
  • New Rufugium Botanicum - Diplocaulobium lageniforme
  • Orchid Exploration - Eight Threatened Orchids of the Itremo Massif Protected Area
  • Orchid Places - The Orchid Collection of the Denver Botanic Gardens
  • Orchids of Bhutan - Phalaenopsis Blume
  • Orchids Illustrated - Women Illustrators: Harriett Ann Thiselton-Dyer
  • Origin and Diversification of Orchids
  • Parting Shot - The Japan Grand Prix International Orchid and Flower Show 2021
  • Tom's Monthly Checklist - May: The Month of the Refraction