2021/03 March ORCHIDS Magazine

The March 2021 issue contains articles from “Trias Oblonga” to “A hot spot for orchids" and more.
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Our March issue presents three feature articles; Spiro Kasomenakis takes us to the Tatamá National Park in the Andean mountains of Colombia, Phil Seaton revists the Atlanta Botanical Garden, its orchid collections and its conservation programs and Rudolf Jenny introduces us to Bulbophyllum (Trias) oblongum and Andrew Thomas Gage, curator of the herbarium of the Calcutta Botanical Garden during the latter half of the 1890s and first quarter of the 20th century.
Rounding out the March issue, Carlos Macku discusses stakes - something we all need, Fred Clarke talks about orchid roots, Charles Wilson teases uswith Bulbophyllum section Macrobulbon - not for the space conscious and Tom Mirenda introduces us to Karen Kimmerle of Island Sun Orchids on Hawaii's big island. Franco Pupulin discusses Rhynchostylis gigantea illustrated with another spectacular watercolor by Silvia Strigari. Our Orchids Illustrated subject for this month is Augusta Withers, Flower Painter in Ordinary and José Portilla, Hugo Medina and Iván Portilla described two new species of Sudamerlycaste from Ecuador.

Also in this issue

  • A Hot Spot for Orchids - The Tatama National Park in Colombia
  • Collectors' Item - Bulbophyllum section Macrobulbon
  • For the Novice - Stakes
  • In Memoriam  - Walter F. Scheeren
  • Lindleyana - Two New Species of Sudamerlycaste (Orchidaceae: Maxillarinae) from Southwestern Ecuador
  • New Rufugium Botanicum - Rhynchostylis gigantea
  • Observations - Lessons From Nature
  • Orchid People - Karen Kimmerle - Island Sun Orchids
  • Orchids Illustrated - Flower Painter in Ordinary - Augusta Withers
  • The Atlanta Botanical Garden - A Beacon for Orchid Conservation
  • Tom's Montly Checklist - March: The Quisquous Month
  • Trias Oblonga - and Andrew Thomas Gage
  • Sidebar - Frogs

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