2021/02 February ORCHIDS Magazine

The February 2021 issue contains articles from “The Presidents of the American Orchid Society” to “AOS conservation committee and more.
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The American Orchid Society turns 100 this year!  Our February issue is dedicated to the AOS and the historical events that have shaped it and the orchid world.  Erica Hannickel tells us about Arthur C. Burrage, the first AOS President, and David Rosenfeld, in another installment of his historical series tells us about Oakes Ames, another of our founding leadership.  Included are articles on the lives of Hermann Pigors and Lines Orchids - historical figures in our orchid world and Arthur Chadwick discusses the big cattleya growers of the 1940s.  Nile Duskieker takes us through the of the 23 Special Annual Awards and Laura Newton discusses the evolution of judging standards over time through eight colorful examples of well-known species.  Rounding out our historical issue are informative articles discussing AOS affiliated societies, the history of AOS judging, the AOS and Information Technology, research and conservation.

Also in this issue

  • A Plea for the Exotic - The Early Years of the American Orchid Society
  • A Vintage View - AOS Special Annual Awards
  • Affiliated Societies Committee - Then and Now
  • An American Orchid Dream
  • AOS Conservation Committee - Past, Present, Future
  • Awards Through Time
  • History of American Orchid Society Judging
  • History of the AOS Research Committee
  • Lines Orchids - An American Legacy
  • Technology and the American Orchid Society
  • The Big Growers of the 1940s
  • The Presidents of the American Orchid Society
  • Tom's Monthly Checklist - February: The Month of the Comeback
  • Who Were These Guys? Part 12 - Oakes Ames (1874-1950); American Botanist and AOS Pioneer

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