Growing Orchids Under Lights

Growing Orchids Under Lights explains how to cultivate orchids beneath fluorescent lights, plant lights and high-intensity lamps. Published in 2002.
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After discussing liqht quality, light-garden design, displays, lamps and fixtures, tips for selecting equipment and timers are shared. An explination of the basics of good culture, plus a discussion of propagation techniques, equips the reader with the skills necessary to coax orchids to bloom.

A gallery of 32 genera offers ideas for colorful selections to grow and flower under lights, including orchids with attractive foliage. WIth a copy of Growing Orchids Under Lights in hand, you can convert even a dark corner into a home for orchids that will reward you with flowers and satisfaction year round.

Growing Orchids Under Lights is part of the American Orchid Society Guide series, which also includes Growing Orchids, Your First Orchid, Orchid Photography and Orchid Pests and Diseases. It was published in 2002; it does not contain information on LED lighting.

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