Your First Orchid

Your First Orchid is your passport to understanding the ABCs of orchid culture. The basics of choosing a plant, creating a growing area, watering, fertilizer,and repotting are among the subjects fully explained in this practical guide, which is written in easy-to-understand language.
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More than 70 spectacular color photographs by accomplished photographer Charles Marden Fitch illustrate how-to techniques plus the diversity of colors and shapes within the orchid family that you can grow on a windowsill, under lights and in a greenhouse. Neophytes will want to keep this helpful guide close at hand to answer commonly asked questions about caring for their or chids and coaxing them into flower.

Your First Orchid is part of the American Orchid Society Guide series, which also includes Growing Orchids, Growing Orchids Under Lights, Orchid Photography and Orchid Pests and Diseases.

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