2020/12 December ORCHIDS Magazine

The December 2020 issue contains articles from “Photograph of the Week” to “Arthur Chadwick Sr. turns 90” and more.
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December traditionally features our Photograph of the Week orchid photographic layout featuring a selection of some of the best submission received during the year. You don't want to miss this! December and January are peak flowering months for Laelia anceps and Fred Clarke treats us to a beautifully illustrated discussion of the species and many of its most outstanding hybrids. We continue our series on Paphiopedilum species by Olaf Gruss with Paphiopedilum rungsuriyanum. This exceptionally compact stunner from Laos was only recently described and it's hard to imagine how it avoided description for so long. Minnelli Lucy France presents the Orchid Menagerie - orchids and their pollinators - featuring original artwork by the author. Last but certainly not least, Arthur E. Chadwick shares his father's (Art Chadwick Sr) history in orchids. Art Sr., Founder of Chadwick & Son Orchids, turned 90 in July and credits his longevity to orchids. Happy Birthday Art!

Also in this issue

  • Arthur Chadwick Sr. Turns 90 - Credits Orchids for Longevity
  • Book Review - Pleurothallids: Neotropical Jewels, Vol. 1
  • Collectors' Item - Cattleya walkeriana
  • Judges' Corner - Orchids Magazine Archives
  • Laelia Anceps - and Some of its Notable Hybrids
  • New Rufugium Botanicum - Brassia verrucosa
  • Orchid People - Orchid Eros and Ben Oliveros
  • Orchids Illustrated - Epidemdrum subgenus Nanodes
  • Paphiopedilum Rungsuriyanum - A Jewel of the Genus Paphiopedilum from Southeast Asia
  • Photograph of the Week - The Best of the Best
  • Species Identification Task Force - Bulbophyllum longistelidium
  • The Orchid Menagerie
  • Tom's Monthly Checklist - December: The Month of Wisdom and Peace

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