2021/08 August ORCHIDS Magazine

The August 2021 issue contains articles from “ let there be light!” to “Love sound” and more.
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The August issue features the second of a five-part series on modern artificial light and growing orchids authored by Kelly McCracken, owner of High Desert Orchids in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Also featured in the August issue is the first half of a beautifully illustrated article on Paphiopedilum fairrieanum and its hybrids, a feature article authored by Stig Dalström and his Bhutanese associates on the Pleione of Bhutan, a lavishly illustrated article on Rhyncattleanthe Love Sound and its hybrids authored by Fred Clarke and another installment of Who Were These Guys? by David Rosenfeld featuring the life and times of Carl Ludwig Blume.

This issue also contains a Collector’s Item featuring Aerangis punctata by Judith Rapacz-Hasler.

Also in this issue

  • Collectors' Item - Aerangis punctata Stewart
  • Conservation Update - Restoring Orchids in the Hills of Wayanad Jis Sebastian
  • Genus of the Month - Miniature Stanhopeinae
  • For the Novice - Pots
  • Let There Be Light! - Target PPFD for Orchids and Tropical Plants: Part 2
  • Love Sound - Dynamite from Japan
  • New Rufugium Botanicum - Phragimpedium longifolium
  • Orchids Illustrated - Gastrochilus
  • Orchids of Bhutan - Pleione
  • Paphiopedilum Fairrieanum - Part 1: The Species and Natural Hybrids
  • Tom's Monthly Checklist - August: A Month of Self-Soothing
  • Who Were These Guys? Part 14 - Carl Ludwig Blume (1796 - 1862)

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