2014/11 Stanhopea Species and Hybrids

"The Genus Stanphopea: Species and Hybrids" is a comprehensive look at the genus Stanhopea. Writen by a world-renown expert on these orchids, Rudolph Jenny. Plus suggestions on breeding Stanhopeas by Douglas B. Pulley, MD.
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Fifth annual supplement to ORCHIDS. Published in November 2014.

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2012/10 Cycnoches Species and Hybrids

"The Genus Cycnoches: Species and Hybrids" by George F. Carr Jr. is a manuscript from his research paper Cycnoches - One Hundred Sixty-Five Years of Confusion which was awarded the first AOS Education Certificate of Appreciation. Suggestions by Fred Clarke on growing the plants are also included.
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2011/08 Sarcochilus Species and Hybrids

"Sarcochilus Species and Hybrids" by Jean Allen-Ikeson provides a detailed look at the major and minor species and their use in hybridization, current hybridizing trends and intergeneric hybrids. Also includes "How to Grow Sarcochilus."
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The American Orchid Society Guide to Orchids and their Culture

This 245-page book, beautifully illustrated with over 450 color photographs, covers a myriad of topics on orchid culture. Topics include specific information on popular orchid groups, repotting, orchid mounting, growing orchids semi-hydroponically, as well as a section on common orchid pests and diseases.
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A Compendium of Orchid Genera - 50% SALE

Original orchid discoverer and date are listed as well as the Etymology and Generitype of more than 2000 orchids along with a easy to read description of growth habits, countries and regions within countries of origin. A modern twist to the encyclopedia features a general culture description which helps even a veteran grower understand the some of the nuances of the particular plants being discussed.
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