2013/07 July ORCHIDS Magazine

1. A View From the North: Botanica Ltd. 2. Costa Rica, Land of Endless Orchids 3. Paphiopedilum in China 4. Why Was It a Good Idea to Protect the Hybrid Platanthera 5. Conservation Project in Progress in a Most Unlikely Place 6. Experimenting with Orchids Outdoors in US Planting Zone 11
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A Compendium of Orchid Genera - 50% SALE

Original orchid discoverer and date are listed as well as the Etymology and Generitype of more than 2000 orchids along with a easy to read description of growth habits, countries and regions within countries of origin. A modern twist to the encyclopedia features a general culture description which helps even a veteran grower understand the some of the nuances of the particular plants being discussed.
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2012/05 May ORCHIDS Magazine

1. Paphiopedilum in China 2. Growing Orchids at the 57th Parallel North 3. Visiting Alfonso Pozo - A Journey to the Orchid and Cloud Forest at Garupamba 4. Promenaea stapelioides 5. What's In Your Water?
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2015/01 January ORCHIDS Magazine

The January 2015 issue contains articles from "Vanda in Bhutan" to "Cyrtochiloides cardiochila" and more.
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2015/03 March ORCHIDS Magazine

The March 2015 issue contains articles from "The Genus Guarianthe" to "Catasetum spittleri" and more.
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