2012/08 August ORCHIDS Magazine

1. Neofinetia falcata and Its Hybrids 2. Epidendrum magnoliae 3. Carl Withner 4. Salepi Extinction, Salepi Survival 5. Thunder Dragon Orchids 6. Cattleya Honors Lady Bird
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2011/08 Sarcochilus Species and Hybrids

"Sarcochilus Species and Hybrids" by Jean Allen-Ikeson provides a detailed look at the major and minor species and their use in hybridization, current hybridizing trends and intergeneric hybrids. Also includes "How to Grow Sarcochilus."
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2015/01 January ORCHIDS Magazine

The January 2015 issue contains articles from "Vanda in Bhutan" to "Cyrtochiloides cardiochila" and more.
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2010/12 December ORCHIDS Magazine

1. Singapore Prepares for the 20th World Orchid Conference 2. Cattleya coccinea 'Florence' 3. Little-Known Angraecums: The Genus in Central Africa 4. Cattleya Ann Follis Illustrates the Value of Sharing Information 5. Zygopetalums 6. Green Phalaenopsis
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2016/10 Cattleyas Supplement

The supplement contains articles from "Giants of The Cattleya World: The Labiate Cattleyas" to "Cattleya Forms and Varieties" and more. Currently On Sale!
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